Kendra Wilkinson’s Post-Accident Stroke

Posted Thursday September 26, 2013 9:55 AM GMT

Earlier this year, Kendra Wilkinson was involved in a fairly-serious head-on collision while driving in California, and now it seems she actually had a stroke following the incident.

According to a report, the former “Girls Next Door” dame suffered a minor stroke a few days after the accident as confirmed by her doctors through a CT scan.

Of course, Ms. Wilkinson is alive and well these days, and she’ll share all the crazy details on the next episode of her show “Kendra On Top.”

Kendra tweeted, “U know how you ‘change’ after a car crash. Ya I definitely look at life differently after. Check out #KendraOnTop 2 c what I mean.
10 @WEtv.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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