Kellan Lutz Casually Promotes New Clothing Line in L.A.

Posted Sunday November 17, 2013 6:20 PM GMT

Taking a little time to both business and pleasure in Los Angeles, “Twilight” lead man Kellen Lutz promoted the new clothing line Abbot + Main at a GQ event.

Keeping it casual in a gray hoodie, striped Henley and blue jeans, the 28-year-old was all smiles, playing with his dog before posing with fans for a few pics.

Kellen is hard at work, not only promoting his clothing line, but also on an impressive list of movies. Anime fans can rejoice knowing that his new movie, “Guardians of Luna” comes out in 2014 in the United States.

According to the synopsis, “One thousand years ago, an ancient race of shape-shifters -- known as the Gurrn -- fought to protect their home from warring human invaders. When they were defeated, their souls became trapped between the Earth and the Moon, bringing a curse upon the city of Steelhenge. To this day -- on the eve of each full moon -- a werewolf menace plagues Steelhenge, terrorizing its citizens and shaking the city to its core.”

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