Keith Urban Launches T-Shirt Collection Made in Haiti

Posted Wednesday March 5, 2014 6:25 PM GMT

He's already a musician and a television star, but now Keith Urban is throwing his hat into the fashion biz.

Entitled "By Keith Urban," the graphic T-shirt line is a partnership with Raphael Mazzucco and features sea horses, paint cans, and American flag-printed trailers at this time.

Most importantly, the collection is manufactured by Industrial Revolution II, a factory in Haiti that invests 50 percent of profits into the local community.

In a statement, the "American Idol" judge shares, "I've always loved cool, interesting T-shirts and wanted to share that passion, but only if I could do it in a fun collaborative way -- with social impact that can help make a difference. We've created a collection we love that is manufactured with the philosophy of reinvesting back into the communities and the team members."

Photo Credit: Getty Images