Keira Knightley in DuJour Spring 2014: All My Characters Have Either Died Or Had Horrific Outcomes

Posted Monday March 31, 2014 3:58 PM GMT

With her film "Begin Again" set to debut at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival, Keira Knightley landed herself a feature in the Spring 2014 issue of DuJour magazine.

During her interview with the publication, the "Anna Karenina" beauty opened up about everything from her role in the new film to her work with Chanel.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Knightley's interview below. For more, be sure to pay a visit to DuJour!

On her life as an actress:
"I can’t precisely explain where this desire came from. Unless it was because I didn’t really have to decide who I wanted to be, because I could take on a different personality with each role."

On "Begin Again":
"After 'Anna Karenina,' I suddenly realized that for the past five years, in all of my films, I either died or was subjected to situations that were each more horrific than the last. SoI wanted more positive vibrations! And nothing could correspond better than this New York fairy tale of a young woman who tries to finally have the life she always wanted."

On her favorite Chanel moments:
"The amazing commercial that Jean-Paul Goude made with Vanessa Paradis in a birdcage [for her Coco Chanel fragrance campaign]. Also, I have a real admiration for Coco Chanel, for the woman she was—a free woman in the strongest sense of the word—and for the designer [who was] able to create clothing that everyone could wear. Coco Chanel is timeless and her creations precisely express her free spirit."

On her habits:
"I bite my nails, so that means that I’m obsessed with them, right? I love to go out and buy nail polish in the most absurd colors and paint my nails with them. Last time, I chose yellow—which I do not recommend! I looked like I had nicotine-stained fingers. I won’t repeat the yellow experience, but you can count on me to find an even crazier shade next time!"

Photo Credit: Getty Images