Katy Perry Flexes Her OB/GYN Skills By Delivering a Baby!

Posted Thursday February 27, 2014 10:25 AM GMT

She can fill a stadium and sell millions of records, but musical talent certainly isn’t Katy Perry's only gift.

In fact, the newly-single “Hot N Cold” songstress found herself playing Doula when a friend went into labor in her living room and ended up giving birth right there on the spot.

While there’s no word regarding the identity of the new mommy, insiders are speculating that it’s Perry’s sister Angela Hudson, given that she was pregnant last year.

Last night (February 26) Katy tweeted, “Finally you can add ‘helps delivers babies in living rooms’ to my resume! It's been a miracle of a day...Auntie Katy aka Stylist Auntie.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images