Katy Perry: Billboard’s 2012 Woman of the Year

Posted Friday November 30, 2012 2:56 PM GMT

Making a stunning red carpet arrival, Katy Perry was on hand at the Billboard’s Woman of the Year luncheon in New York City this afternoon (November 30).

The 28-year-old honoree graces the cover of the special Women in Music issue of the magazine and dishes on topics including being chosen as the special gal to being a role model.

Highlights from Miss Perry’s interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Billboard!

On being chosen as Billboard’s Woman of the Year:
“I'd thought my year was over, that it was time to pass the baton. But I guess I get to hold onto it until the end of the year [laughs]. It's truly a lovely compliment. Seeing who has been honored in the past-Beyonce, Taylor Swift and others-I'm in good company.”

On being a role model:
“I'd like to change the phrase ‘role model’ to ‘inspiration.’ ‘Role model’ puts you on a pedestal that no one can really live up to. For me, aspiring to be an artist at a young age, I didn't think about being a role model. But I definitely thought about being an inspiration. So I hope that I am an inspiration, especially with my work ethic and my ability to overcome obstacles.”

On the last two years:
“It feels like the record that never ends [laughs]. I'm glad I'm still alive-27 has been a very testing year. I feel I'm in the same position I was in after I made the first record. I toured [on] that and then made the second record and toured that. Now I'm at an in-between position again. But I'm not scared or feeling uncertain. It's still about coming from a very honest place to reconnect with my core.”

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