Katie Holmes: Back to Broadway Gig

Posted Wednesday December 5, 2012 3:20 PM GMT

Gearing up for her nightly performance of “Dead Accounts,” Katie Holmes arrived at the Music Box Theater in New York City today (December 5).

The “Teaching Mrs. Tingle” star looked to be in good spirits as she greeted a few fans on her way to the backstage area.

And though she’s been having a blast with the show, it seems Ms. Holmes has struggled with some negative reviews as of late.

An insider told press, "Katie was devastated about the reviews because she's always been so passionate about Broadway. It was her first love, well before she starred in 'Dawson's Creek' or any Hollywood movies. Appearing on Broadway was her childhood dream."

"However, she's adamant that she has to put it right. Katie will do anything to make sure the play's seen as a success by the end of its run. She's spoken to the writers and producers about possible ways to tweak and improve the production, while taking some of the critics' words about her own performance on board. Katie doesn't care if it means taking part in extra rehearsals because she's determined to make it work. Getting her career back on track post Tom Cruise has been one of Katie's priorities and this is the first step in doing that -- she wants to get it right."

Photo Credit: INF Daily

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