Kate Upton: My "The Other Woman" Bikini Scene Was Uncomfortable to Shoot

Posted Friday April 18, 2014 7:03 PM GMT

She’s posed for countless bikini shoots, but even Kate Upton gets nervous stripping down for the cameras.

During British talk show Chatty Man, hosted by Alan Carr, the 21-year-old beauty explained her fears while shooting the already-famous bikini scene in her upcoming film “The Other Woman.”

"I was shooting that bikini scene and I was feeling a little uncomfortable because, even though I'm very proud my body and I love my body, a bunch of people were staring at me," Kate said. "Sixty people are staring at me and you're like, alright, go back to your phones let me just do my job."

She continued to add that her costars Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann helped calm her nerves and gave her plenty of moral support.

"They could tell that I was feeling uncomfortable and they came out and ran with me so I wasn't alone and I've never had that experience before," Upton said. "Two amazing people who didn't even have to be on set, they could be eating their lunch and they came on set with me and ran with me.”

“The Other Woman” hits theaters on April 25.