Kate Upton on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”: Cameron & Leslie Showed Me How To Be A Real Woman

Posted Thursday April 10, 2014 2:00 PM GMT

She’s been busy promoting “The Other Woman” as of late, and last night (April 9) Kate Upton raised the temperature at “ Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue hottie ended up discussing her various photo shoot locations, noting that she was a bit apprehensive about where her career may take her.

She explained, "I'm honestly a little bit scared to get a call in from Sports Illustrated, what to do next year because I went to Antarctica, I did zero gravity, like where are they gonna send me?"

Of Upton’s floating pose session last year, Jimmy recalled, "I would be vomiting through the whole thing." Kate added, “That works for some people, it's like stomach flu. You make it go away."

"Actually one person did [get sick]. It was really tricky because they were barfing, zipping it up, because when we hit zero gravity all the barf is floating."

She also gave credit to Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann for taking care of her on her 21st birthday, which occurred during the filming process. “They showed me how to be a real woman.”

Photo Credit: ABC