Kara DioGuardi's "Today Show" Visit

Posted Tuesday April 26, 2011 7:10 PM GMT

Paying a visit to the morning news program, Kara DioGuardi was spotted arriving at the "Today" show at New York City's Rockefeller Plaza earlier today (April 26).

The songwriter looked stunning as she made her way to the studio in a red, belted dress and black strappy heels.

The 40-year-old happened to be promoting her just-released memoir, "A Helluva High Note," where she opened up about the molestation she experienced as a girl. And now Kara says her mother never did a thing about the sexual trauma she endured, telling PopEater that her mother "didn't know how to handle it."

DioGuari continued, "She barely said the word sex and there weren't Oprahs, it was a different time, but in the last month I spoke to my mother's friend's kid and she relayed to me how my mother was speaking to her about it, so I definitely know it weighed on her and I spoke to her about it before she died."

Photo Credit: SplashNewsOnline.com

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