Kara DioGuardi: Sued Over Car Crash

Posted Friday April 22, 2011 2:28 PM GMT

She's just been slapped with a lawsuit stemming from a 2010 car crash that allegedly left one man with a neck injury, but Kara DioGuardi says she wasn't even in the car at the time!

The legal action has been taken by Joel Postorino, who claims he suffered a serious disk injury after a woman driving Kara's co-registered vehicle hit the back of his Porsche at an L.A. intersection last year.

The 40-year-old's ex-employee, Christina Kline, was actually the one at the wheel during the time of the incident, so, according to the songwriter's reps, that means she shouldn't be on the hook for the $250,000 in damages.

DioGuardi's people furthered that thought in a statement released to "TMZ," telling, "When Ms. Kline left Kara’s company in November 2009, she was asked to remove Kara’s name from the registration, but never did. She was in a car accident in May 2010 that Kara did not know about until yesterday when she was served papers."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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