Kara DioGuardi: I Peed My Pants on "Idol" Finale!

Posted Wednesday April 20, 2011 5:55 PM GMT

She's just revealed some jaw-dropping details about her life in her new book, and now Kara DioGuardi has let us in on her embarrassing "American Idol" finale moment - peeing her pants!

The singer-songwriter took to "On Air with Ryan Seacrest" earlier today (April 20) to admit that she did indeed pee her bikini on the show's season 8 finale.

Kara laughed it up as she explained the situation to Seacrest, telling, “it was live TV, and first of all I didn’t even want to go to the beach in my bikini let alone in front of 25 million people."

DioGuardi added, “I hadn’t eaten for like a week. They were like ‘we’ll give you money for your charity,’ so then I had to do it.” Kara furthers, “so my manager was smart enough to say, ‘honey you ain’t wearing a white bikini, you’re wearing a black one cause I know you’re going to tinkle in it-you have that nervous thing;’ so I totally did…it wasn’t a full on puddle it was just like a little…like a could’ve used a depends under garment right there.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images