Report: Kanye West Not to Be Prosecuted for Alleged Beating Case

Posted Saturday February 1, 2014 1:58 PM GMT

In the wake of his alleged assault charge, Kanye West will now reportedly not be charged for beating a man who verbally harassed Kim Kardashian.

Gossip Center previously reported that the man whom Kanye allegedly hit has agreed to drop his criminal investigation cooperation in exchange for more than $250,000.

A police report was filed and battery case were sent to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office shortly after the incident, and reports have stated that they were rejected.

The case has been thrown out on account of the $250,000 settlement between the two parties, a report stating that the man did not sustain any "significant injuries, and that he is also reportedly refusing to cooperate with prosecutors.

TMZ also reported that District Attorney released a statement saying that, "Prosecution is accordingly declined due to victim unavailability."

Photo Credit: Getty Images