Kanye West's Alleged Assault Victim Fails to Cooperate with Police

Posted Tuesday January 21, 2014 8:21 PM GMT

Though reports are varying about what actually happened between Kanye West and a young man after the man allegedly verbally harassed Kim Kardashian last week, it seems the rapper may have caught a break.

Back on January 13th, the reality diva was heading into an office building when a teenager allegedly used racial slurs against the pesky paparazzi. When Kim told him to knock it off, he then turned on her, calling her a n------r lover. Kanye arrived shortly afterwards and reportedly assaulted the man.

However, according to the Beverly Hills police, the alleged victim failed to show up for a follow-up interview.

An uncooperative victim means the District Attorney will likely not have enough evidence to prosecute Yeezy for the incident.

Photo Credit: Getty Images