Kanye West Shops in the City of Lights

Posted Thursday January 16, 2014 7:48 PM GMT

Taking advantage of his time spent in Paris, Kanye West went out for a day of shopping during Men's Fashion week on Thursday (January 16).

The "Bound 2" singer hit the streets in a leather jacket and gray hoodie, black leather pants and designer treads, flashing his rare yet attractive smile.

In related news, the 36-year-old is under legal pressure again, and this time for a Monday incident, occurring at a chiropractor's office in Beverly Hills.

Witnesses have reported that Kanye attacked an 18-year-old guy, who apparently threw out some racial slurs towards Kanye's iconic fiance, Kim Kardashian.

The alleged incident follows the guy, who helped Kim get to an appointment after being surrounded by paparazzi, and eventually started making racial slurs at them to make them leave, and when Kardashian told him not to use racial language, he unleashed his rant on her as well.

Kim reportedly called her fiance about the incident, and when the boy realized it was Kanye, he allegedly shouted yet another slur, so that the rapper could hear it, and when Kanye arrived, reports state that he hit the 18-year-old.

It is said that Kanye may face a charge of misdemeanor battery, depending on the results of the ongoing investigation.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet.com

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