Justin Timberlake Calls Out Rude Fan: Watch Here!

Posted Tuesday February 25, 2014 9:18 PM GMT

Charming the audience, even when faced with a rude gesture, Justin Timberlake handled a strange situation with class during a concert in Philadelphia.

It was business as usual until the "Suit & Tie" singer noticed a fan with her middle finger up. Catching the insult, he responded, "Why are you flipping me off? You got second row to flip me the bird? That makes no f--king sense. You wanted me to see it? But you're in the second row, you didn't have to flip me off. I see you in the second row."

Admitting that her unusual tactic worked, JT added, "OK, it worked. It worked. OK, let's all do this at the same time so we can get it over with."

After he and the whole crowd pulled out the obscene gesture, Justin shared, "That's also the weirdest moment I've ever had with a crowd." Check it out below.