Justin Timberlake Calls Out Fan For Flipping the Bird!

Posted Thursday February 27, 2014 1:13 PM GMT

Tickets to Justin Timberlake's concerts are extremely hard to come by, so it’s a bit strange that a woman in the 2nd row at his Philadelphia gig decided to flip him off on Tuesday (February 25).

During a break in the music, the “Like I Love You” crooner addressed the sold-out audience and noticed the rude spectator with her middle finger in the air.

Justin began, “I'm excited to be here. I've got some good friends in Philly… Why are you flipping me off? You got second row to flip me the bird? That makes no f***ing sense.”

After the woman responded, Timberlake pressed the issue, “You wanted me to see it? But you're in the second row, you didn't have to flip me off. I see you in the second row.”

Finally, he conceded, “Ok, it worked. It worked. Ok, let's all do this at the same time so we can get it over with… That’s also the weirdest moment I've ever had with a crowd.”