Justin Theroux Reveals “Bad Boy” Past on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Posted Saturday July 26, 2014 1:03 PM GMT

Revealing that he has a few skeletons in his closet, Justin Theroux chatted with host Jimmy Kimmel about his “bad boy” past earlier this week.

Kicking off the segment with a laugh, Jimmy joked about the “Leftover” star’s new Details cover, which quickly led into Kimmel talking about Justin’s reputation. "I know you...You don't do drugs...You're a good boy."

Jennifer Aniston’s fiancé thinks he is a good boy, so does his mom. When asked if he has any skeletons, Theroux joked, "I've got some skeletons. I think you can't really come into Hollywood without a couple of mug shots under your belt.”

Check out what happened when Jimmy started ‘Googling’ Justin below!

Photo Credit: ABC