Report: Justin Bieber Asked to Leave Hotel Due to Fan Rowdiness

Posted Saturday November 9, 2013 5:59 PM GMT

Trouble just can't help but find Justin Bieber this week. First a graffiti charge requires him to pay a fine, then a fan filmed him while he was asleep, and now the pop superstar was reportedly asked to leave his hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

However, this time, the 19-year-old's punishment was not of his own making. Crazed fans reportedly arrived at Bieber's pad at Faena Hotel to see the pop star, and they became "unruly."

Eventually, the fervent "Beliebers" caused property damage, and even went so far as to tear down police barricades as they camped outside.

Apparently, the hotel asked the "Love Me" singer and his traveling companions to leave the building. Reports also state that hotels in the immediate are also unwilling to accept Justin and his followers. He has to prepare for his concerts on Saturday and Sunday, and we'll have to wait and see if he can get a roof over his head before then!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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