Justin Bieber Pranks Fans, Drops “Beauty and a Beat” Music Video

Posted Friday October 12, 2012 1:25 PM GMT

He’s always taken a creative approach to relate to his fans, and this time Justin Bieber has really outdone himself.

In order to release his “Beauty and a Beat” music video featuring Nicki Minaj, the “Baby” singer started a hoax that involved supposed incriminating footage of himself.

Bieber began by announcing that his computer and camera were stolen during his gig in Washington DC, and followed it up with anonymous blog posts and tweets claiming to have scandalous material from the ill-gotten items.

In response to the posts, Justin tweeted, “No matter what you have and what you post tomorrow i know my fans won’t leave me. screw it. #toostrong.”

And earlier today (October 12), the infamous blogger released a video of Justin- but it ended up being Bieber’s “Beauty and a Beat” music video. Turns out it was all Justin’s idea for a publicity stunt!

Check it out below!