Justin Bieber Jets Out of Miami After Paparazzo Desposition

Posted Friday March 7, 2014 1:40 PM GMT

Ready to escape his recent legal issues, Justin Bieber caught a flight at Miami International Airport on Friday (March 7).

The "Boyfriend" hitmaker manged to avoid the shutterbugs as he got out his vehicle and prepared for his outbound flight.

After his infamous DUI arrest last month, the pop star was back in Miami on Thursday (March 6) for the deposition of a lawsuit filed against him by the Miami Beach paparazzo.

Photographer Jeffrey Binion claimed he was roughed up by one of the bodyguards under Justin's orders. The lawsuit stated, "Directed [Hugo] Hesny and three other bodyguards to confront [Binion] and to forcibly take the memory card from [his] camera."

The document also added that Hesny "threw [Binion] against a wall, began choking him, and threatened [him] with a gun..."

During the proceedings, Justin became irritated when the lawyers began to drill him about his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

The 20-year-old singer reportedly yelled, "Don’t ask me about her, do not ask me about her!" and then added, “What is this, ’60 Minutes?’ OK Katie Couric, what’s your question again?”

This is the third time that the paparazzo has attempted to sue Bieber. The hearing was supposed to take place near the singer's LA home in January, but due to his arrest in Miami he was unable to attend.

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