Justin Bieber Could Face Felony Charges in Egging Case

Posted Friday February 7, 2014 1:00 PM GMT

As police continue to investigate Justin Bieber's egging case from last month, investigators in Los Angeles presented new evidence that could lead to a felony charge.

Per a report from the Associated Press, the district attorney’s office is now determine whether or not to move forward with a felony vandalism charge against the 20-year-old singer. The crime was allegedly committed against Bieber’s neighbor and caused thousands of dollars in damages.

In January, police searched Justin’s home for surveillance that could lead to an arrest, and ended up finding drugs. As a result, Lil Za was taken into custody for alleged possession of cocaine. The charges were changed to felony possession of Ecstasy and oxycodone, which if the rapper is convicted, he could face to up to nine years in prison.

During the raid, Lt. David Thompson said, "I get that the eggs don't seem that significant, but it does rise to the level of a felony. There is a victim in this case who has had extensive damage done to their home. That's a serious incident."

In addition, Bieber is set to appear in court on February 14 for his drunk driving, resisting arrest and expired license charges in Miami.

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Photo Credit: FilmMagic