Justin Bieber Accused of Slapping Female Fan

Posted Tuesday August 26, 2014 7:55 AM GMT

Believe it or not he’s back in the headlines for another round of bad behavior, and this time Justin Bieber is accused of physically assaulting an overzealous Belieber.

According to a report, the “One Less Lonely Girl” singer and his girlfriend Selena Gomez were at a Dave & Buster’s in Los Angeles last night (August 25) when a female fan pulled out a mobile phone and began videotaping them.

When Justin’s security team approached the girl and demanded to see what she’d taped, she refused to show them, allegedly prompting Bieber himself to confront her. That’s when he supposedly “backhand slapped” her.

The cops were called, but no arrests were made, and at this point the fan’s accusations are still being sorted out.

Around the same time over at the 2014 Emmy Awards, Kate McKinnon was busy talking about her Justin Bieber impersonating skills, telling E! News, “I had met him and I had seen him and I had loved him and I had dreamed about him for years. He came to me in dreams and I just took what I saw.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images