Justin Bieber’s Blood Alcohol Level: In Question

Posted Friday January 24, 2014 4:58 PM GMT

For the past day and a half, Justin Bieber's Miami arrest has been making headlines all over the internet, and now it turns out he may not have had as much to drink as previously reported.

Per a TMZ source, the “Beauty and a Beat” singer was initially said to have a .04 BAC when the cops pulled him over for drag racing around 4am on Thursday (January 23), however there is new evidence to suggest Justin blew closer to a .014.

And if that’s the case, the Miami Police Department’s arrest report will likely be called into question, especially the claim of the arresting officer who said he smelled the ‘odor’ of alcohol.

With a .014, Bieber wouldn’t have necessarily smelled like booze, so the cop’s reason for searching him may not hold up.

Still, Justin did have marijuana and prescription pills in his system while joyriding in his rented yellow Lamborghini, so he was still driving under the influence of drugs.

Photo Credit: Getty Images