Giveaway: Win Justin Bieber’s Choreographer Nick DeMoura's "Believe Tour Dance Experience” Blu-Ray!

Posted Wednesday August 13, 2014 1:00 PM GMT

It was one of the hottest tours of the year, and Justin Bieber's Believe shows got a huge boost of high-energy dance moves thanks to choreographer Nick Demoura.

While promoting his new “Believe Tour Dance Experience” DVD, Mr. Demoura chatted with The GossipCenter about what it’s like to work with the “Baby” singer.

Nick noted that the biggest misconception about Justin is, “Everything gets exaggerated. He’s a young man growing up, and things happen. I’ve known him since he was 15, and he has the biggest heart of anyone I know.”

“When you know him personally, you realize he does a lot of good. He did work in Guatemala building houses, and helps everyone he can, but the media only focuses on the bad aspects and highlights his mistakes and flaws.”

Additionally, Demoura says he definitely has a favorite Bieber hit when it comes to choreography- “As Long As You Love Me.”

Given his proximity to Justin, Nick has seen some pretty crazy Belieber moments- “A fan rushed to the stage when JB was singing, security had to come and get the fan. The fan fell, and broke the baby grand piano on the stage.”

Finally, Demoura says he’s impressed with how Bieber can take direction and then bring it to the next level. “You can teach someone how to dance, but you can’t teach someone how to be a performer. JB is a performer, and can play to any crowd, whether it’s a laid back acoustic show, or an intense concert in a stadium. JB captures people because he’s a great performer.”

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