Julie Bowen: Zombie Fun on “Modern Family” Set

Posted Tuesday October 2, 2012 6:00 PM GMT

Getting into the Halloween spirit, Julie Bowen donned a scary costume while filming scenes for an upcoming episode of “Modern Family” today (October 2).

The “Horrible Bosses” babe dressed up as a zombie Alice in Wonderland and sipped Diet Coke while she fiddled with her iPhone and iPad in between takes.

Given her son Oliver’s recent allergy scare, Julie and her husband Scott Phillips have joined forces with the new campaign Get Schooled in Anaphylaxis.

She explained, "We discovered that my oldest son has a terrible allergy to nuts and bee stings... He went into anaphylaxis, which is a really scary reaction. We were lucky because he went into full-blown, elephant man, bad plastic surgery face. We knew right away that there was something wrong, but a lot of times anaphylaxis is a bit more like, 'Oh my ears hurt,' 'I'm scratchy,' and people will ignore it.”

"We are just trying to get the education out there so it doesn't seem like this big, scary, weird thing. Kids with allergies aren't the ones that are off in the corner in a plastic bubble. My kid runs around in the backyard, barefoot. He does everything a normal kid does... but this is life and death stuff, and if you're a parent you want to know, you want to get educated."