Julia Roberts Talks "Mirror Mirror" on "Good Morning America"

Posted Thursday March 29, 2012 2:58 PM GMT

With just one day left before her latest film hits theaters, Julia Roberts visited ABC studios for an appearance on "Good Morning America" on Thursday (March 29).

The 44-year-old actress sat down with George Stephanopoulos while talking about playing the Evil Queen in the Snow White based movie "Mirror Mirror".

With George bringing up that he had heard that Julia brought her three children to the set for much of the filming process, the "Pretty Woman" star confirmed that she was, indeed, accompanied to work by her brood.

Roberts expanded on this by telling, "I had these dresses so big that they could all fit under there. And probably hair and makeup, also, I mean it was a lot of space under there."

Also dishing about the fact that her kids are starting to realize that they have a famous mom, Julia told, "It's kind of a good time to make a family movie. Kids at there school are kind of mentioning it... So we've had a couple of conversations that have gone very naturally and easily and it's not anything that's coming as a huge shock."

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