Judd Apatow January 2013 GQ Feature

Posted Friday December 21, 2012 1:45 PM GMT

His new film "This is 40" opened in theatres today (December 21) and with the hype surrounding its release, Judd Apatow scored himself a feature in the January 2013 issue of GQ magazine.

The 45-year-old director opened up to the men's lifestyle magazine about everything from the brand new comedy to writing for the Broadway stage.

A few highlights from Mr. Apatow's interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to GQ!

On writing for the Broadway stage:
"I miss doing something where I’m interacting more with the audience. I like the idea of writing something and rewriting it every night based on how it’s playing. I have a great idea. Maybe like the best idea I’ve ever had. It requires me to create characters and situations that have absolutely nothing to do with my experience."

On "This is 40":
"One person said, ‘There wasn’t enough story.’ But that’s the whole point of the movie. It’s not about a gigantic incident happening. It’s about the normal ebb and flow of your family life and your relationship—the little moments of connecting or not connecting. And not understanding why."

On "Freaks and Geeks":
"['Freaks and Geeks'] felt like a great family that got torn apart for no reason."

Photo Credit: GQ

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