Josh Duhamel and Baby Axl Help Fergie Celebrate Her 39th Birthday!

Posted Thursday March 27, 2014 8:18 PM GMT

Wishing mommy the best on her big day, Baby Axl Jack Duhamel posed in a cute Instagram photo, holding a sign that says, "Happy Birthday Mommy!!!," held by daddy, Josh Duhamel.

Fergie celebrated her 39th birthday today (March 27), and how better to ring in one more year, than with her man and 7-month-old son?

Little Axl will officially turn 7 months on Saturday, March 29th, and even though the "Ferglicious" singer told Ellen DeGeneres back in November that, "[Josh has] got a little mini me," it's safe to say the couple's little guy is starting to look a bit more like mommy!

Reflecting on her pregnancy, Fergie talked about Axl's first kick, saying, "It was really beautiful. I woke Josh up and I said, 'honey, honey, honey! he kicked me. He finally kicked me.'"

Photo Credit: Instagram