Emily Blunt & Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talk "Looper" at 2012 Comic-Con

Posted Saturday July 14, 2012 10:35 AM GMT

Joining up together to talk about their newest film, the leads of “Looper” were among the star-studded attendees at this year’s Comic-Con convention in San Diego, CA on Friday (July 13).

Emily Blunt and Joseph Gordon-Levitt were spotted posing for pictures, greeting eager fans and talking to press about their new sci-fi /action project.

The Rian Johnson directed movie is about a mob operation set thirty years into the future. With the possession of a black market time travel device, the organized crime syndicate sends enemies 30 years back in time to be rubbed out by a hit man (Gordon-Levitt).

The only problem occurs when "The Dark Knight Rises" star's character discovers he is being ordered to kill his future self (Bruce Willis) and is unable to seal the deal.

“Looper” is set to hit theaters on September 28.

Watch the trailer above!