Jon Hamm Talks 1990s Dating Show Clip on “The Late Late Show”

Posted Wednesday April 9, 2014 11:28 AM GMT

These days he’s one of the most desirable men on television, but Jon Hamm had an awkward stage in his 20s just like everyone else.

During “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson,” the “Mad Men” stud found himself face to face with the infamous dating show video from 1995 in which he overused the word “fabulous” and didn’t get the girl.

Craig asked, “You’ve been with your lady for a long time. Do you still give her the old foot massage?” Jon replied, “Absolutely. Only if I can get the ball in the net afterwards.”

Ferguson also made sure to ask if Hamm ever got a date with the lady on the show. “Oh, no she did not. Would you have picked me?!” exclaimed Jon.

Photo Credit: CBS