Johnny Depp Talks Turning 50 on “Ellen”

Posted Friday April 11, 2014 11:10 AM GMT

His career is the definition of longevity and uncompromising success in Hollywood, and Johnny Depp just hit the half-century mark.

During his interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the “Rum Diary” hunk talked about how he’s changed through the years.

Ellen led in, "I think when you're younger, 50 sounds old, have this image of yourself. But don't you think you're just getting better and better?"

Depp replied, "Well, calmer. You know, more calm. Less...well, not less weirdness, but less rage, maybe… Far less drama. It feels good. You definitely feel you've earned your stripes and you're a little bit wiser, having been predominantly ignorant for the majority of your life."

And when asked if he’s a strict father to his kids Jack and Lily-Rose, Johnny noted, "For the right things, sure. I think it's important to allow your kids to make their own decisions and experience the sort of repercussions of what might happen. I wouldn't say I was a very strict, strict dad."

Ms. DeGeneres also engaged Johnny in a round of True and False, pelting him with questions. Check the video below for all the action!