Johnny Depp Slams Reality TV Stars in Interview April 2014: People Get Famous For I-Don't-Know-What

Posted Monday March 31, 2014 12:38 PM GMT

With his new sci-fi film "Transcendence" slated to hit theaters April 17th, Johnny Depp pitched in on promotions by covering the April 2014 issue of Interview magazine.

During his interview with rock-and-roll legend Iggy Pop, the 50-year-old actor chatted about everything from his telemarketing days to his thoughts about reality television stars.

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On his telemarketer days:
"I marketed pens - on the phone. But the beauty of the gig was you had to call up these strangers and say, 'Hi, how you doin'?' You made up a name like, 'Hey, it's Edward Quartermaine from California."

On his go-to roles:
"I think one owes it to the audience to go out there and give them something different each time. I like that before I even go in front of the cameras, the studio's reaction will be fear."

On his distaste for reality TV:
"People get famous for I-don't-know-what. People have reality shows because they're a Hollywood socialite, and these things become very successful. It is like watching a fire. You can't take your eyes off of it."

On his music talents:
"I've been playing a lot of music lately. It's a real lifesaver, being able to focus on my first love. It's freedom."

Photo Credit: Bruce Weber for Interview

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