Johnny Depp Called into Court for Murder Case Proceedings

Posted Saturday April 12, 2014 2:53 PM GMT

Handed a court subpoena at a slightly inopportune time, Johnny Depp has been asked to appear in court proceedings revolving around a murder case.

The subpoena was served to Depp at the premiere of his movie, "Transcendence" in Los Angeles, and the case deals with Nancy Lekon, a limo driver who reportedly struck a pedestrian in 2009, dragging the woman on the road for a mile, and killing her in the process.

Charged with murder, Lekon's trial is set to begin this month, and she has reportedly pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, because at the time of the arrest, she told law enforcement that she was on her way to meet up with Johnny, whom she claimed was her boyfriend.

TMZ reported that her public defender now wants Depp to appear in the court proceedings to prove that he never knew, and currently does not know her, thus supporting her plea for insanity.

Photo Credit: Getty Images