Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert Drop By “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Posted Friday November 2, 2012 12:45 PM GMT

They’re the dynamic duo of Comedy Central, but last night Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert took a break from their normal digs and headed over to “ Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

The “Colbert Report” host and the “Daily Show” funnyman showed up in Brooklyn where Kimmel has been filming a week’s worth of homecoming shows, despite the drama of Hurricane Sandy.

And though they called themselves “nerd friends,” Jimmy shared, “I wouldn’t think of you guys as nerds.”

Stewart shot back, “Really?” followed by Colbert who asked, “More like geeks?” Kimmel replied, “Maybe it’s so I don’t have to look at myself as a nerd.”

As for their capacity to influence political opinion, Jon speculated, "Yeah, we don't know. Here's the thing about TV: They can see us, but we can't see them! So we don't know if it's affecting [viewers] or they're just basically using us while they have sex as background noise."