Jimmy Kimmel Scores David Letterman as Guest!

Posted Thursday November 1, 2012 12:00 PM GMT

Continuing his broadcasting from Brooklyn, Jimmy Kimmel welcomed David Letterman to his “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show last night (October 31).

Kimmel almost couldn’t contain his excitement over bringing his childhood idol onto the set, and it turns out Letterman was equally impressed with Jimmy’s accomplishments.

David also noted that while they’re both considered to be in competition with one another, there wasn’t any hint of ego during his experience at JKL.

Letterman gushed, “I was telling someone earlier today, in showbiz one of the precepts is that you’re not really supposed to be nice to people, especially if you have the same occupation as the other person. Jimmy and I do the same thing for a living. Jimmy has broken that precept and has been nothing but generous and courteous and kind to me and my entire crew.”

Photo Credit: ABC