Amy Poehler Teams with Billy Eichner for Christmas Carol Craziness

Posted Thursday December 12, 2013 2:03 PM GMT

She’s always up for shenanigans, and Amy Poehler joined forces with Billy Eichner and took to the streets of Manhattan to spread holiday cheer.

During last night’s “ Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Eichner explained the whole philosophy behind his penchant for harassing people with Hollywood trivia.

Billy shared, “I grew up in New York and I was always really obsessed with pop culture so I thought it would be fun if I went outside and shoved it into people’s faces.”

And during the segment, Eichner and Poehler got into some silly situations. Eichner began, “Hey guys it’s Billy and I’m out here in New York today with the one and only Amy Poehler for a special holiday lightning round where we’re about to give people dollars if they sing Christmas songs with us. They’d better sing the right lyrics. Are you ready Amy?” Poehler replied, “Yeah, let’s do it!”

Check out the video below!

Photo Credit: ABC

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