Amy Poehler & John Krasinski Read Celebrity Mean Tweets on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Posted Friday November 22, 2013 3:05 PM GMT

It has become a favorite sketch on “ Jimmy Kimmel Live,” and last night (November 21) Celebrity Mean Tweets enjoyed its fifth installment.

“The Office” star John Krasinski kicked things off with a nasty message from one disgruntled Twitter user- “Your face is so stupid. I hate you John Krasinski.”

From there, “King of Queens” actor Kevin James shared another doozy- “Is there a Kickstarter campaign for Kevin James to NEVER make another movie?”

Even Sharon Stone received some vitriol from the microblogging site- “I remember when the words ‘Sharon Stone is on television’ brought me joy instead of, ‘I hate that b**ch.’”

Both Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler had honorable mentions, with the “Parks and Recreation” stars sharing, “Nick Offerman’s hands seem crazy small compared to his head,” and, “What the f*ck is up with Amy Poehler’s face? B*tch looks like she survived a nuclear blast,” respectively.

Finally, Jason Biggs shared his own zinger- “If I had to choose between f**king a pie or Jason Biggs, I’d choose the pie. That dude has a dirty d*ck.”

Photo Credit: ABC

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