Justin Timberlake's Hotel Scuffle

Posted Monday June 4, 2007 4:59 PM GMT

It seems that celebrities can never get any peace and quiet. There’s always some annoying fan that wants an autograph, or screaming girls who want a picture, or violent men throwing Coke bottles at you. The latter is the latest chapter in Justin Timberlake’s life.

During his stay at the posh Lowrey Hotel with current sweetie Jessica Biel, Timberlake was involved in verbal banter that turned ugly. "Justin left Jessica at the bar while he went to fetch something from their room but when he came back he had a cut above his eye and was in a foul mood," according to a witness.

"He told Jessica that some guy staying on the same floor had started hurling abuse, so he'd given him a shove. But the guy threw a bottle of Coke down the corridor at him, hitting him square above the eye."

The witness continued, “Jessica asked Justin to calm down, but I'm told he was incredibly grumpy all night and refused to sign any autographs for fans."

Justin escaped without any serious physical damage, and is happy and healthy spending time with Jessica. All is well.

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