Jessica Biel Talks Decapitated Dolls on "Conan"

Posted Thursday November 29, 2012 11:47 PM GMT

Exuding that newlywed glow, Jessica Biel stopped by "Conan" to talk about her new movie "Playing for Keeps" on Wednesday (November 29).

The "7th Heaven" star looked radiant in red in a short sleeveless dress while she laughed with the hilarious host. During the chat, the 30-year-old actress talked about movies and her tomboy youth.

After Conan reveals that "Goonies" was shot in the same theater where he tapes, she exclaims, "That is one of my absolute favorite movies. I grew up with that movie and movies like 'Stand by Me,' 'E.T.,' basically just all the cool boy adventure movies."

Admitting she did have dolls, Jessica says, "I had Barbies for a minute, but they didn't really stick around very long. I ended up mutilating them - pulling their heads off, cutting off all their hair, dying them with markers and sticking them on the Christmas tree lights. And they'd like up like these demonic heads."

After the show, she tweeted, "Of all the red headed 6'4" Irishmen that I know, @conanobrien is definitely my favorite. Happy to be on tonight." Watch the interview below.