Jessica Biel’s Grocery Grab

Posted Sunday June 15, 2014 3:58 PM GMT

Taking care of her domestic duties, Jessica Biel showed up at a Los Angeles grocery store on Friday morning (June 13).

Joined by a gal pal, the “7th Heaven” hottie looked stylish in a black jacket, white top and khaki trousers as she strolled back to her car.

On Thursday (June 12) Jessica attended the annual online meeting for SeaWorld headquarters on behalf of PETA and took a stand for the rights of the orcas.

She asked, “With the release of the documentary Blackfish and PETA’s educational campaign, the public now knows about the devastating effects of keeping orcas captive and closely confined at SeaWorld. Frustrated orcas like Tilikum have worn their teeth down to the nubs by chewing on their enclosures, their dorsal fins collapse, and they die prematurely, reject their young, and harm and kill humans.”

“SeaWorld then tries to mask the orcas’ psychosis with psychotropic drugs. As the public hears about this, ticket sales decline. When will SeaWorld develop a plan to move the orcas to a sea pen in a natural setting in line with public opinion?”

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