Jessica Alba Parties with Ben Affleck, Disses Bill O'Reilly

Posted Wednesday January 21, 2009 9:52 PM GMT

Washington DC was abuzz with a bevy of beautiful celebrities excited about the new President Barack Obama. And Jessica Alba was in the house, schmoozing with Ben Affleck at the Artist Making an Impact dinner at L2 and Leopold’s Kafe.

The “Dark Angel” beauty looked spectacular as she posed for the paparazzi with her bangy hairdo and a sexy black strapless dress.

At Sunday’s Declare Yourself shindig (January 18), Alba was interviewed by FOX News as she walked the red carpet. And when asked to give a shout out to outspoken conservative host Bill O’Reilly, she had some choice words.

Jess said, , "No, he's kind of an...kind of an a--hole. A little bit." When the producer asked, “How so?” she replied, “I don’t know how he does it… maybe he was born that way.”

Asked for an example of his bad behavior, Alba stated, "Um, no. Then that means I'm admitting I actually watched FOX,” to which O’Reilly later quipped, "[We] believe Miss Alba is misguided and would benefit greatly if she actually did watch The Factor."

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To watch video of Jessica Alba calling Bill O’Reilly an “A**hole” - Click Here!

Enjoy the pictures of Jessica Alba in Washington DC for the Presidential Inauguration (January 18-20).

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