Jeremy Renner Spoofs "The Avengers" on "SNL"

Posted Sunday November 18, 2012 7:24 PM GMT

Suiting up again in his Hawkeye costume, Jeremy Renner hosted "Saturday Night Live" this week with musical guest Maroon 5 (November 17).

In one of the sketches, the cast joined their guest host in parodying his blockbuster superhero movie, "The Avengers."

During the skit, the heroes head into battle and use their unique powers to fight the invaders. However, Hawkeye is rendered nearly useless. He explains, "I'm out of arrows. I don't have any more. So I guess I'm done, right? I'll be in the car. Stay safe."

After being chastised by his teammates for only bringing 11 arrows, the Hulk finds a use for Hawkeye by picking him up and swinging him around to hit enemies.
Watch the hilarious full clip below.