Jennifer Lopez Allegedly Involved in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Posted Sunday January 12, 2014 6:00 PM GMT

Attracting some unwanted attention with her killer voice and good looks, Jennifer Lopez has allegedly become involved in a catfish scam, convincing a man to send naked pictures of himself to someone he believed to be her.

The man, Rodrigo Ruiz, has filed a $10,000 lawsuit against the "On the Floor" singer, claiming that she contacted him in 2008, requesting nude photos of himself, as well as demos of his CD's.

Ruiz reportedly received letters from a false Jenny, telling him the she was "interested" in him, and that she had "plans on leaving my husband," telling him to send her "pictures of you both with clothes and without clothes" on more than one occasion.

As a result, Ruiz filed a police report against the 44-year-old pop icon, still thinking she was the culprit sending him false messages, but records show that the post office box connected to the letters belongs to a middle-aged woman from LA.

One of Jennifer's representatives stated that the pop singer has had no contact with the man, and that the entire situation is nothing more than a "desperate attempt for notoriety."

Photo Credit: Getty Images