Jennifer Lawrence Adds “Producer” to Her Resume

Posted Tuesday November 12, 2013 4:18 PM GMT

She’s been busy promoting her forthcoming flick “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” but Jennifer Lawrence isn’t content to remain solely an actress.

For her next project “The Glass Castle,” the “Winter’s Bone” babe will serve as both a star and a producer, though she’s still a bit apprehensive about the new title.

Jennifer shared, "I don't know if I will be any good, but I'm trying it. So far I am not sure if I am because I am very instinctual, but not very verbal. But producing is something that I have really wanted to do."

Lawrence credits her mom with getting her interested in the film adaptation by suggesting she read the novel. "My mother is like the lucky charm with these kinds of things. She read 'Winter's Bone' and 'Hunger Games' and when I read 'The Glass Castle' I thought it was amazing, so we found Gil Netter, the producer who had the rights to (the book). He and I started talking and now we are developing. We have a director and a writer and it's getting going."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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