Jennifer Aniston Talks Singlehood

Posted Friday October 9, 2009 2:14 PM GMT

While there have been all kinds of rumors about her love life, Jennifer Aniston insists she’s single and doing just fine.

The “Rumor Has It” actress told press, “I don’t think you can plan or control love. I think you have to just be willing to take what comes and however it comes, you know?

She continued, “I have a really great relationship with myself and that’s a lifelong process. I have a great job, a great family and great friends. I have my health and I love what I do.”

Speaking about her new movie, Jen explained, “Love Happens is not your typical love story. It’s about two people who are embarking on a scary new beginning. Eloise is content with the choices she has made, but when she meets the self-help guru she sees an opportunity to fix something. There wasn’t a lot of depth to Eloise and you didn’t root for her. But it’s a beautiful idea that these two characters are out there fixing up other people but not really doing it for themselves. So the script was changed and it got to a really nice place eventually.”

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