Jennifer Aniston Reveals How to Feel Great in Your Forties

Posted Monday March 24, 2014 3:10 PM GMT

She’s known for her highly active lifestyle, and now Jennifer Aniston reveals that without modern technology she might not be so keen to her dieting habits.

During a recent interview with Women's Wear Daily, the 45-year-old actress dished about her work with Aveeno and SmartWater and shared why she believes people her age are getting more active.

Highlights from Miss Aniston’s Q&A session are as follows. For more, be sure to visit Women's Wear Daily!

On her jobs besides acting:
“The demand with time isn’t that great. You just do it when you have those few months off here and there, and it is nice because it balance out the other stuff. It’s nice to be a part of skin-care companies and hair care and all that. It’s just a different business to dip your toes into.”

On Hollywood women aging:
“Your age always has to be mentioned and men don’t really get that for some reason. It’s not like you see Joe Schmo, 37.”

On younger generations being more fit:
“Women and men today in their ‘40s are so much healthier than they were 30 years ago in their ‘40s. It was a different time. We know how to take care [of] ourselves. We know what to put in our bodies to fuel us that’s healthy and organic and not processed, and the importance of drinking water and cutting out sugars and bad fats. Before, we just didn’t know that, and we didn’t have the technology with skin care that we have today.”

On “Horrible Bosses 2”:
“It is one of my favorite jobs to date. It was just so much and wicked and silly, and full of great people. Working with the boys is always a dream.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images