Jennifer Aniston: Back to Work on "The Baster"

Posted Thursday October 8, 2009 7:28 PM GMT

Getting back to work, Jennifer Aniston was all smiles as she made her way to the set of "The Baster" in Los Angeles on Thursday (October 8).

Dressed in a colorful ensemble, the former "Friends" actress chatted with a few gal pals as she readied for the day's workload.

The sighting comes amidst more outlandish tabloid claims - which allege that Miss Aniston has a bit of a drinking problem.

“Jen’s perspective is that it’s better to have two or three glasses of red wine than to take a sleeping pill to get to sleep,” a source said. “The other day, she was tipsy and ranting at friends about Angelina Jolie, which they see as an unhealthy obsession of Jen’s."

The tabloid insider adds, “She’s still bitterly competitive with Angelina and it’s the subject that’ll come up time and time again after she’s had a few. The problem is that Jen’s so tiny, just a few glasses can really knock her out. Her drinking is certainly not excessive by British standards.”

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