Jason Segel Wins Hearts at Krispy Kreme

Posted Tuesday March 18, 2014 5:22 PM GMT

Satisfying his craving for donuts Jason Segel charmed the staff at a Grand Rapids, Michigan Krispy Kreme recently.

The "How I Met Your Mother" star even managed to pose for a quick snapshot, which an employee posted on Reddit, through the drive-thru while waiting for his order.

The snap was captioned "Jason Segal [sic] is filming his new movie with Jessie Eisenburg [sic] in my hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and my bastard sister got to meet him when he stopped at her place of work. I'm extremely jealous."

It is not the first time Segel has taken time out for his fans. Another poster on the social media site told this story,"I met him in Ann Arbor once, dude was so nice. We asked him if we could buy him a beer and he declined and said thanks. My buddy and I went outside and the waitress brought 2 beers that he bought for us."

Photo Credit: Instagram