Jason Biggs Fires Back Against “Celebrity Oversharing” Criticism on “Chelsea Lately”

Posted Tuesday June 17, 2014 7:03 PM GMT

He was clearly born without a filter, and Jason Biggs isn’t about to let the team over at “Good Morning America” take shots at him for posting too much via social media.

During his interview on “Chelsea Lately,” the “American Pie” hunk extolled the virtues of his wife Jenny Mollen who recently gave birth to their son Sid.

Biggs shared plenty of updates and photos via Twitter and Instagram at the time, leading to slams from fans and the media.

Jason explained, “People thought this was too much. People with sticks firmly inserted up their as*holes, including the wonderful people at ‘Good Morning America’ [who] decided to bring in a panel of experts.”

“It’s just so ridiculous that these people would dedicate any amount of time at all to us, but literally, a whole segment on celebrity oversharing. And the fact that they can have experts? What makes you an expert on oversharing by the way? What do you do get a degree? A PhD in f*cking oversharing? What do you do? It’s the stupidest thing.”

Photo Credit E!